Stop cats from jumping on the table

If cats keep jumping on the table and kitchen counter, it is not only annoying but also dangerous. The hot stove, poisonous kitchen plants, sharp knives etc. are just a few reasons why our curious velvet paws have no place in certain areas of the kitchen. As cozy as the kitchen table is, it should be taboo for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Daria Gulenko

Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, many room tigers are magically attracted to the table and kitchen counter. Getting used to the forbidden jump is not easy. Here are a few tips on how to make it clear to your cat that a trip to the kitchen furniture is not worthwhile.

Stop cats from jumping on the table: quickly and consistently

An important basic rule in cat education is: make no exceptions. If you decide that your cat shouldn't jump on the table, you should never let it go through. Instead of shouting and scolding, consequence is the order of the day. A loud command "No!" and a lift off the table should immediately follow each of their illicit trips.

Make sure your cat is not too tempted to make it a little easier. A delicious sausage bread can also be a reason for the best-behaved cat to jump on the table. Clear away food and leftover food and, if you are not at home, close the kitchen door so that your pet does not make it easy on the kitchenette during this time - otherwise your domestic tiger will never understand the ban.

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Clarify ban on table: a few tricks

Cats are not friends of unpleasant surprises, but you can expect them if you keep jumping on the table. A wet bar is just as uncomfortable for the cat on the paws as a work surface lined with rustling aluminum foil or newspaper.

With a little luck, she will be so frightened that she will not dare jump onto the prohibited piece of furniture a second time. Also a spray bottle for flowers, which is filled with water and gives the cat a little wet fright every time she jumps, underlines her "No!" clear and can thus help.