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The Great Dane, as hard as it may be to believe, is the Scooby-Doo dog breed, the most cowardly dog ​​in the cartoon. The breed is known for keeping calm and imposing in the most adverse situations. The dog is known as the Apollo of dogs, an athletic and strong breed.


THE great Dane descends from large dogs that arrived in Europe through the hands of a people known as the Alanos, who went to the continent after being expelled from their territory by the Huns. The crossing of the dog Alano with a species of Mastiff known as Bullenbeiser and with another known as Greyhound gave rise to the Great Dane.


Despite its imposing structure, the breed is sweet, calm, prudent and intelligent. The Great Dane is somewhat agitated with strangers and is able to react to defend his owners at the slightest sign of threat. It is a dog that learns fast and is very sweet, but good doses of firmness and patience are also needed. In general, he is very calm in the presence of children.


Muscular and elegant, the breed has a wide neck, arched and without crop. In some countries the ears are cut, but naturally they have a triangular and pointed appearance. The tail starts out wide and narrows as it approaches the tip. Its coat has a wide variety of colors and is always short.

Specific Care

? For the dog to have a good development, it is essential that he get plenty of space to run and exercise every day, in addition to his owner accompanying him on long walks in the open air. It is important that you have a safe place for you to have fun without the collar, as your athletic nature can make you somewhat aggressive if you are kept imprisoned.


Like all large dogs, the Great Dane can constantly suffer from stomach twists.

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