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Chin Plug

According to some texts, in the 18th century, it was fashionable to miniaturize the Japanese Spaniel (also known as Épagneul Japán or Chin). Some dogs became so small that they were kept in cages suspended from the ceiling in the living room, along with the birds.


It is believed that the Chin have the same rise as the Tibetan Pekingese and some dogs. The presence of these small companion dogs is closely linked to Buddhism, which has always given them a sacred character. It is true that the breed already existed in Japan in the 10th century. In the 18th century, there was an emperor in the country who was born under the sign of the dog and, to honor him, the Japanese began to breed many of these Spaniels. The law protected race and theft and murder of a Chin was punishable by the death penalty. This was the first dog that came to West Asia.


Chin is a cheerful dog, a little noisy, but when it gets tired of disturbing, it is a quiet, sweet, sensitive and affectionate dog. This breed can be a little stubborn, sometimes it has an elephant memory and a lot of love to please its owners. Naughty and restless, this dog enjoys the company of children, as long as they respect their space. With strangers it is a little distant, it is not easy to hug.


The Chin has a small, compact and square body. His legs are straight and his head is round and bulky. Its fur is long, smooth and silky and can be white and black or white and red. The snout is short, smooth and with a large nose. His eyes are dark, round, prominent and quite separate. The tail is turned and carried over the back, covered with abundant hair. The ears are shaped like a "V" and are also covered with hair.

Specific care

Although the size of the Chin is ideal for keeping the dog indoors, like all animals, it needs (and likes) to be outdoors to exercise. Your long hair requires regular brushing to stay healthy, clean and thus also prevents skin irritation. It is advisable to keep your ears always dry, without excess wax and very clean. Your big eyes must be protected from scratches and foreign bodies.


Because of its fine bone characteristic of the breed, injuries and broken limbs are frequent. Middle-aged dogs have a tendency to experience spinal disc problems.

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