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Stop cats from scratching while playing

There are several reasons why cats scratch and bite while playing. Young kittens are often fierce than full-grown house tigers, but they should already learn to play appropriately. Even kittens can learn to play without scratching - Image: Shutterstock / Lucky Business

What is often cute and funny for small kittens can become painful for large cats. Scratching while playing is one example. Your velvet paw can get rid of this undesirable behavior, but it needs your loving and patient support to bring it up.

Possible causes of scratching when playing

Cats who are still very small and high-spirited cannot yet assess their strength well and at the same time have the need to try out and practice their full ability. Young kittens do not know that people are skinnier than their furry siblings and that the bipeds can suffer pain and injuries from wild brawls.

Adult cats that scratch and bite while playing have usually not learned better. Another cause can be communication problems between humans and animals. Maybe you misinterpreted the signs of your house tiger and he wasn't in the mood to play. Sometimes a game that is too wild can also accidentally lead to scratches if you are not right.

Avoid injuries when playing with cats

It is best to already teach your kitten that it should not scratch you while playing. Signal the little hooligan, for example, by gently tapping the paws and a clear command "No!" in a slightly raised voice that he should retract his claws. Then put the cat in front of the door and use sibilants to indicate that the behavior was not wanted.

Cat education for scratching, biting and aggressiveness

If the cat scratches and bites, the cause of the behavior must first be found, because ...

This also works for adult cats, but is easier to teach in kittens. If your predator plays with you without scratching you, you should praise and reward them. Be consistent, your fur nose will learn over time that it can have fun playing even without using a claw.