Australian Mist

Australian Mist factsheet

The Australian Mist breed is also known as Spottes Mist or Australian Mist and is not yet recognized by major feline associations such as TICA and FIFE. The combination used to obtain this cat resulted in a feline companion and confident, with its own charming way. This is the first and only breed that had its origin in Australia.

Patient with children, even the youngest, the Australian Mist it is very suitable for the family environment, and is also a good option for retirees looking for a kind feline companion. The breed is popular with people who are having a cat for the first time, in addition to enjoying attention and walks, being easy to handle in competitions and exhibitions.


The Australian Mist, as its name says, was completely originated in Australia, earning the affectionate nickname "true blue". This breed is a mixture of short-haired cats, with cats of the Abyssinian breed and a base of the Burmese breed. The breed emerged in the mid-1970s, being developed by Dr. Truda Straede. The breed was not accepted until nine years after its appearance.

Its calm and gentle nature is what made the Australian Mist breed was bred, being the first - and only to date - domestic cat breed to be bred in Australia. Large feline associations, such as TICA, do not yet recognize the breed, but the American Cat Fanciers Association accepts its standard.


His personality is based on the best that exists in his ancestors, that's why an Australian Mist cat has the loving side of Burmese, the joy of Abyssinian and the resistance that comes from other cats. They are athletic cats and alert to everything, being quite curious and using their seemingly limitless energy to show themselves. The Australian Mist can be described as cheeky, but not in a bad way, he just knows what he wants and knows how to get what he wants, often taking his human in ways that the latter does not want to go. They will find a way to climb on the nearest lap and follow people around the house to find out what they are doing.

THE Australian Mist breed cat he always has a contagious joy and loves living with humans, being friendly with people of all ages and patient even with small children, accepting games and being petted, showing no tendency to scratch. He loves to play and make fun of whatever comes into his house. Despite all this active, athletic and playful side, the cat of this breed does not usually have the hunter's instincts so common in domestic cats. The Australian Mist is also known as one of the breeds that has maintained a puppy personality throughout its life, despite becoming more sober.


The cat of this breed has an athletic body and a charming appearance, being of medium size with medium-sized bones, with well-developed muscles. Spottes Mist does not have any characteristics different from those expected for a short-haired feline. It is a proportional cat and without extremes in its appearance, but it is heavier than it appears to be. Its head is round, the nose is broad and short, there is presence of lines on its face, the characteristics of the face being more pronounced in males than in females. The eyes are large and expressive, green in color regardless of the color and pattern of their coat. The ears are also wide, wide open at the base and with rounded tips.

The most striking feature of this breed is its coat, which has shades ranging from brown to blue, from chocolate to lilac and from peach to gold, presenting delicate but distinctive spots. The hairs are short, but thick, shiny in appearance, silky to the touch. The standard for cat Spottes Mist it can be marbled - reminiscent of a mixture of marbled and spotted - or stained. The background color of the coat is solid, misty in appearance while the marks are darker and spread throughout your body. The tail is long and thick, with ringed marks - the same does not occur in the cat with a marbled pattern, which has irregular marks in place of the ringed ones - which are the same color as the marks on the rest of the body. The colors of the coat and eyes are definitive only around the age of two.

Specific care

Its short coat requires minimal care, requiring only weekly brushing to keep your body free of dead hair and a healthy and shiny overall appearance. The Australian Mist cat has little coat change, and there are no seasons in the year when he is most susceptible to this process.


Spottes Mist Cats are healthy and without any health problems related to their genetics.

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