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The largest Schnauzer dogs were used in World War I as messenger dogs, and later in military and police work.


It is a dog descended from the Pinscher, which has been used for centuries on farms as a guard dog. It began to evolve into a finer and more elegant dog, until, in 1909, the first Giant Schnauzer itself was recognized. Today it can be a guard or companion dog.


THE Giant Schnauzer he is intelligent, kind, balanced and confident. As far as its owners are concerned, it is a faithful companion. He is cautious with strangers, dominant and territorial, but without malice. Extremely playful, sometimes he plays very hard, because he doesn't know how to measure his strength.


It has a robust, strong and ferocious appearance. Its limbs are muscular and its head is robust and elongated. He is characterized by a rough beard and tangled eyebrows. Usually your ears are cut off. Its tail is high and can also be cut, but these surgical practices of canine aesthetics are allowed in a few countries today - in Brazil, they are prohibited by law.

Specific Care

In adolescence, the Giant Schnauzer can develop a dominant and guardian character, qualities that must be properly channeled with good training. He is a very intelligent dog and learns quickly. Hair should be taken care of and your beard should be cleaned daily after meals. It is a dog that needs a lot of exercise, several hours a day would be ideal. If that dog gets bored, it can acquire bad habits.


The Giant Schnauzer is a tough dog, but as with all large breeds, it can also suffer from hip dysplasia or stomach twisting.

Video: Giant Schnauzer Playing in the Snow 2021 (October 2021).