These baby animals love their mom sooo much

The love between mother and child is simply indescribable! As this video shows, this close connection also exists between animals and their babies. If they are separated from each other for a while, the reunion is all the more warm and beautiful. Cute!

The beginning of this compilation is wonderful and heartwarming: a baby elephant sprints towards its mom and is greeted by it with a gentle trunk petting. Sooo cute! And as sweet as the film started, it continues: A koala baby peeks carefully out of its mother's pouch and is spoiled by her with a tender kiss.

A young lion practices climbing and is closely watched by his lion mom - after all, little Fratz is supposed to come back down from the tree. And even a cow cannot live without her calf and is delighted when she has her little one near her again. Whether koala, cat, cow or lion: the love between mother and child is truly the most beautiful!

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