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Tim Donovan is a proud cat dad and freelance blogger who writes about politics, the environment, and his two crazy cats, Turkey Pan and Etta. They love to bother him when he's trying to work, clearly of the opinion that he stays home just to keep them company. His wife probably agrees.

374 Replies to “The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now”

Another great blog post. I am amazed at what happens when you look at life from a different angle. I would never think to develop a “not to do” list. Now that I have seen yours and I am working on my “not to do” list, I am seeing all the time I can save each day. Keep up the great posts and innovative insights.

Great advice Tim. Just by following your tips about batching emails, avoiding time-wasters and prioritizing, I have saved 2-3 hours per day in work – that’s about 10-15 hours per week. Next step: getting the hell out of the office!

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen you mention Grand Central. The first time was in the “Doing the impossible article…” about getting paper out of your life, not checking voicemail, etc.

I went to Grand Central to sign up, but it’s in beta and you can only join right now if someone refers you. Can you share how you where able to get in the beta?

It’s something I want to do, and would be the third thing from the “Doing the impossible…” article you recommend that I will have done. I already signed up for the remote control mail service by Earth Class Mail. The jury is still out because I haven’t been on it long enough, but early results are promising. I also got removed from any possible mailing list I could track down with the help of So thanks for the good advice there, and now hoping I can check out Grand Central also.

Try google voice , works pretty well for me. You can create seperate phone number , listen to voicemail as they leave it, voicemails also get sent by email. Turn phone line off whenever you like !

Google Voice didn’t exist in 2007.

Google bought Grandcentral and it became Google Voice.

Looks like DialPad has bought Grand Central

Tim, agree with all your points – and I’m pretty sure all of these and more are in your book. If you’re reading and haven’t bought it? Don’t wait – give Crown Publishing more money.

The only part of the 5th principle I have a problem with now is:

“Set up a strategic autoresponder and check twice or thrice daily.”

Tim, with your book on the bestseller now, this automated response just fills my inbox with crap.

Here’s an alternative: Just check it at those times, and respond at those times. If they’re expecting a response quicker, they’ll get in touch with you via phone, if they can’t… obviously it’s not important to them and can wait a few hours.

I recently tested this approach with my client, and if it’s their high priority and not some delegation without merit, then they’ll certainly make it known to you.

Good alternative. Here are a few others: 1) Send all of them a single read-receipt e-mail notifying them of the new schedule, 2) Put this “I check and respond only at…” at the bottom of your outgoing e-mail in the signature, 3) Set your e-mail program to only send one autoresponse to each contact per week.

Book About Flying Cats Vs Flying. Traveling With Your Cat By Airplane - Catster

Cats vs Cancer is a non-profit site built to help people with cancer. Watch this short video to learn more or simply click the “Donate Meow” button above to help with our cause! flying cat dream interpretations It may be a letter (see the meaning of letter), or a book (see book). In this section we will refer to purposeless sheets of paper.

Seeing a lot of written paper reveals the concerns of the dreamer. If it is not written, its color may contain the message of the dream. · Booking a flight. Personally, Stella and I have really enjoyed traveling with Southwest so all the information I provide in this post will be in regards to my experience flying with them. Please keep in mind that each airline has their own pet policy so be sure to do your research before booking your flight to ensure that your cat will be able to travel along with you.

Directed by Joseph Barbera, William Hanna. When Jerry befriends a canary Tom finds it necessary to construct a makeshift pair of wings.

Lifestyle Needs of a German Giant

German Giant rabbits require a tremendous amount of room in which to roam in order for them to get the exercise they need to stay healthy. Many owners allow their rabbits to walk the house freely while providing them with a large dog crate for sleeping and eating. Rabbits, like cats, will excrete in a single spot in their cage, so litter-training them can be easily accomplished. With a rabbit of this size, this is important.

Giant German rabbits enjoy the company of other rabbits, but they don't have to be other Giants. They will get along just as well with a regular-sized bunny. Care should be taken when introducing the Giant to other animals, however and neutering is important if you don't want to be stuck with a lot of babies.

Giant Rabbit Diet

Feeding a giant rabbit a proper diet is one of the keys to ensuring it lives a long, healthy life. These pets can quickly become overweight if fed a high-fat diet and this will result in joint problems, heart problems and other health issues. Long hay should make up the bulk of the rabbit's diet with complete pellets included for balance. Also important in a giant rabbit's diet is a variety of vegetables, greens and ReadiGrass, a high protein food that's effective at helping minimize health problems. Some Giants can eat between a half a bale and a full bale of hay a week. For their pellets, they will eat a similar amount to a Flemish Giant, which is about a half-cup per day. Vegetables should be fed at one to two cups daily and one to two tablespoons of fruit once or twice a week.

Grooming Your German Giant

Large rabbit breeds like the German Giant are not as dextrous as smaller-breed rabbits, so grooming often becomes the owner's responsibility. German Giants have a thick, fluffy coat that tends to lose a lot of fluff during the molting season. Owners need to comb the molt off of the rabbit regularly to avoid the animal ingesting it and developing hairballs. In addition, as the rabbit ages, its rear end will be in constant need of cleaning in order to remain dry and clean because these rabbits tend to drag their back end once arthritis starts to set in.

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