Rules and guidelines for dogs on the plane

If dogs are to travel on a plane, you as the keeper must adhere to the rules and guidelines of the respective airline. Not all providers allow dogs to be taken along. It is therefore important to inform yourself well in advance of the start of the trip and to book accordingly. Here you will find an overview of common rules and guidelines. Large dogs like this four-legged friend must remain in the cargo hold on the plane - Shutterstock / Barna Tanko

In general, however, you should consider several times whether you need to take dogs on a plane or whether another means of transport is also suitable for the trip on vacation. Because the many strange noises and unfamiliar smells (for example after kerosene) mean an enormous sensory overload for your darling. Dogs that do not fit in a hand luggage-sized transport box must also fly in the cargo hold, alone and separately from their favorite person.

Dogs on the plane: guidelines for small and large breeds

If you want to travel with your dog and there is really no other means of transport, you can also book a flight ticket for your four-legged friend. The airlines then differentiate between small and large breeds in terms of the type of transport. Dogs weighing up to five kilograms are usually allowed to fly in the cabin. For this, however, they must be accommodated in a transport box, which must not exceed the usual dimensions for hand luggage. Most airlines then stipulate that the transport box must be stowed under the seat of the person in front during the entire flight, exceptions are rarely made.

Flight comfort: what is allowed in the transport box?

A large dog that weighs more than five kilograms must not go into the cabin, but must go into the cargo hold. Here, too, accommodation in a stable, watertight transport box with sufficient ventilation slots is mandatory. This may be padded with textiles such as a blanket for the dog, sawdust or wood wool - straw or hay are, however, taboo. In addition, the box must be large enough for your four-legged friend so that it can turn around comfortably and stand upright in it.

Dog transport boxes

Small, large, made of plastic or fabric: If you are looking for a transport box for your dog, you have ...

General rules for dogs on the plane

If you want to take your dog on the plane, it is advisable to book well in advance. Because usually a certain number of animals must not be exceeded on a flight. Some airlines also prohibit the simultaneous transportation of dogs and cats. For the dog flight ticket, you should expect 35 to 300 euros, depending on the airline and route. Sometimes around 30 euros per kilogram of body weight are charged for dogs on a plane and this can be quite expensive for a large four-legged friend. Also note that some airlines completely exclude dogs from the plane.

Are companion dogs allowed in the passenger cabin?

Most airlines have special rules for service dogs. Guide dogs and the like can usually stay in the cabin and with their people regardless of their size. However, the companion dog must remain in the footwell and leashed or secured with a dog harness for the entire time. Companion dogs that are too large for the footwell are not allowed to fly for safety reasons - in this case, those affected would have to switch to another means of transport.