Maltese: Friendly and easy to train

The Maltese is a small dog with a nice, loving character. His upbringing is easy and suitable for beginners, but, as with any dog, should be carried out clearly and consistently. Training begins with the puppy. The Maltese likes to learn playfully - Image: Shutterstock / Joyce Marrero1

If you want to work out “sit”, “place”, “stay” and other important basic commands with your young Maltese, you will have it easy. The little dog is very smart and attentive - he will quickly understand what you want from him.

Basics of dog training

The quickest way to learn is playful and if you work a lot with praise and positive reinforcement. It is a matter close to the heart of the friendly, people-related dog to please his person and he is very happy if you like him. Treat your dog sparingly with negative feedback - a calm, consistent “No” is usually enough to teach the little four-legged friend what he shouldn't do. You should never yell at him or punish him hard - the sensitive dog, fixed on its people, would suffer a lot.

The Maltese: An uncomplicated dog

There are hardly any traits in the Maltese that could complicate the upbringing. He is easy to follow, affectionate, has little or no hunting instinct and a cheerful, but rather calm nature. Because he is social and affectionate, you do not have to face any difficulties while walking if you meet other dogs - but it is important that the dog has been well socialized.

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Make sure that your dog feels completely comfortable and that there is a variety of games and fun on his daily schedule - you will get to know him as an exceptionally cooperative, dear dog.