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Socialization of the puppy with humans and animals

The puppy already learns many important points of socialization from his dog mother - if he moves in with his new owner, he will continue to practice diligently. Important topics are getting used to different situations with humans and animals. In the socialization phase, the puppy makes important experiences and acquaintances - Image: Shutterstock / Schubbel

First, the puppy gets to know contact with people during socialization. Not just its owners, but people of all sizes and ages should be something that goes without saying for him. Regardless of whether children are romping around or skating past him - the goal is that your darling always stays calm and relaxed. To do this, you have to go out with him as much as possible and give your young dog security as a reliable, attentive partner.

Important in socialization: contact with other dogs

When a puppy is socialized with other four-legged friends, the owner's attention is required. The little dog should get to know as many different species as possible and only have good experiences. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to predict how another dog will behave or whether it has been well socialized itself. So leave your puppy with other fur noses, but be careful.

It is okay and important that he gets a little reprimand every now and then, if he is too pushy or cheeky, because after all he should learn to behave himself. However, if your puppy submits to another dog and the dog presses or threatens him despite puppy protection, you should intervene and show your puppy that you can rely on them.

Get to know other animals

If you want to get the cat and dog used to each other, the cat should either be in the puppy age, or be familiar with dogs. When getting used to it, it is important to proceed slowly and carefully and not to force the two four-legged friends to do anything.

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A trip to the countryside shows the young dog that there are also larger animals than his peers. Here, too, it is important to be careful that your youngster respects larger organisms but does not have any bad experiences. A kick from a horse's hoof or a blow from the electric fence is not only very dangerous, but instead of getting used to it, would make your dog afraid in such situations from now on. So take good care of your four-legged friend!