Mucki eavesdropper: A cat's ear has 32 muscles

Do you hear what i hear We humans can probably save the answer in the direction of our cuddly tigers. Cat ears are clearly superior to us - and not just in terms of hearing: cat ears have a total of 32 muscles.

Cat ear, strong ear

Six muscles in each ear - that's what we humans look like. That really doesn't sound like bad parents. We humans have exactly this number of musicians per eavesdropper - nothing can be changed about that. But let's be honest: compared to our fluffy friends, we can pack up, or fold our ears right away - if we could. Because the miniature tigers have a total of 32 muscles per ear.

No power to the hearing aids

Right, 32 muscles. What for? All sorts of! With this exceptionally strong and powerful musculature, the cat can raise its ears, tilt it and turn it around 180 degrees. With her flexible eavesdroppers, Miezi not only shows her mood; she also uses them extensively for hunting. Thanks to their advanced ears, cats can hear three-dimensionally, so to speak, and determine exactly how far away their prey is. So you can enjoy Dolby Surround in a very natural way.

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